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Founded in 2010 and registered in 2017, we “TechEdge Coating & Manufacturing Private Limited” are well-recognized organization headquartered at Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. Our firm is engaged as a service provider of CED and Powder Coating services on all metal surfaces. We are known for our optimum quality at an ordinary price in the provided time frame.


  • Emerging as a Global Market Leader in Metal Coating Technology.

  • Building Trust, Responsibility and Reliability of Brand, “TECHEDGE“.

  • Manufacturing & Exporting “TECHEDGE” Branded products .


  • Provide expertise in surface engineering and best-value in metal finishing solutions through the integration of people, business systems and technology;

  • Respond to our customers’ needs with reliable deliveries that do not compromise quality;

  • Continually improve by embracing innovation and change to advance as a company;

  • Targeting Asian and Middle Eastern countries market’s for Exports;

  • To be a Stewart of our environment embracing pollution prevention methodologies that meet or exceeds all local, state and federal regulations;



  1. We are a young team of practiced professionals.

  2. Our approach is completely customer centric.

  3. Our plant is equipped for mass output requirement with almost 10 tons a day.

  4. Hi-Tech Plant with latest technology equipments.

  5. Complete in-house lab facility for paint & coating.

  6. Nearly 98% paint utilization help minimum wastage of paint.

  7. Maximum single job size capacity 3040(L) X 608(W) X 760 (H) / Max. 1000kg.

  8. Most advanced safety features.

  9. Capacity of coating 40 m2 per hour expandable up to 120 m2 per hour.

  10. Timely delivery is our promise to our customers.


• E-coating leverages an electrical charge to apply a uniform protective coating to metal fabricated products. Developed originally for the automotive industry, e-coating provides superior coverage, adhesion and corrosion resistance for metal parts and surfaces.

• The principle of e-coat is that materials with opposite electrical charges attract. The e-coat system applies a DC charge to metal parts immersed in a bath consisting of deionized water and paint solids.

• The electric current attracts the solids, coating all surfaces and joints. Once the coating reaches desired thickness it insulates the components, reducing the coating application until there is a uniform layer of protection. Resin in the paint solids assist adhesion while providing corrosion protection, durability and toughness. As the parts exit the bath, they are rinsed to maintain efficiency and aesthetic design.

• The e-coating is baked onto the surface of the steel for fusion bonding followed by heat curing to form a hard, durable film. The bake oven crosslink and cures paint film to assure maximum performance properties and superior corrosion protection.


According to statistics, 40% of global steel is being scraped year on year mostly because of corrosion, making a loss of $2.5 trillion, equivalent to 3.4% of total produced metal GDP. Manufactures often face below mention challenges:

  • Will my product be able to sustain corrosion for long duration?

  • Covering each and every corner of the product with uniform layer of coat?

  • Increasing shelf life of their product to sustain distinct climates globally?

  • Can aesthetics also be added with an anti corrosive coat/layer?

  • Need of an Eco Friendly solution to abide by the stringent manufacturing laws as per international industry standards?


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